About Dr Bruce

RelaxMax™ Kava is the latest innovation from expert medical Scientist & Researcher, Dr Bruce Kambouris.

His high-tech, patented formulation, which harnesses the potency of the active compounds in kava root, makes RelaxMax™ a convenient and easy-to-consume relaxation supplement. The product is listed as a complementary medicine on the ARTG.

RelaxMax™  Kava is Dr Bruce’s latest brainchild, following on from the recent success of his award-winning AquaBotanical brand – pure drinking water extracted from fruit and vegetables. The globally-patented process developed to produce AquaBotanical is drawing interest from around the world, particularly in countries where water supplies are scarce or unreliable.

Throughout his career, Dr Bruce’s primary motivation has always been to help people. ‘When I was younger I thought that I could do that most effectively by doing research and being good at it, so I could influence the medical field,’ he explains.

After achieving a PhD in Medicine at Flinders University, Dr Bruce became a highly respected medical researcher, authoring several medical publications in the area of cholesterol, heart disease and nutrition with the CSIRO’s Department of Human Nutrition. He continued his studies, diversifying into other areas of health management such as naturopathy, Chinese medicine and acupuncture, and completed a degree in Chemical Engineering from Curtin University.

He then worked as a Senior Industrial Chemist for the beverage and wine industry, which is where he drew his inspiration for AquaBotanical.

With his unique skills set – which combines expertise in both western and complementary medicine with the latest food technology production methods, Dr Bruce will continue to bring his innovations to market over the next few years. ‘I have about another dozen registered global patents in areas including packaging, herbal medicine, probiotics and medical procedures,’ he says.

‘I have ideas and I’m inventing things all the time – as a researcher and a scientist, it’s what I love doing.’

Dr Bruce with RelaxMax Products