A win in the national fight on stress and generalised anxiety disorders

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September 8, 2016
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March 14, 2017
Dr Bruce Kambouris

A win in the national fight on stress and generalised anxiety disorders

By Dr Bruce Kambouris

We recently had some great news coming out of Western Australia and the Northern Territory that kava is now legally available in those states.

Why is this such great news?

Because kava is rapidly gaining ground as one of the most well-tolerated and natural supplement options, for the symptomatic management of mild anxiety, stress and sleeplessness.

Did you know that a massive 14% of Australians are living with some form of anxiety? This is a complex and dynamic condition that can significantly impact on people’s daily lives.

The news of the changes to the national laws was reported on Channel Ten News earlier this year. The story cited the exciting findings of clinical trials conducted by Dr Jerome Sarris, Senior Research Fellow, Department of Psychiatry at the University of Melbourne, which demonstrated that kava’s efficacy was favorably in the management of mild anxiety disorders.

Dr Sarris’s initial study was a double-blind, randomised trial, looking at 75 patients with clinically diagnosed Generalised Anxiety Disorder, who were administered with either kava or a placebo over an eight-week period.

Their anxiety levels were assessed regularly, and the researchers observed a significant reduction in anxiety levels for the kava group compared to the placebo group.

The trial also showed that kava was well-tolerated and that patient physiology (liver function) remained healthy throughout the trial

Dr Sarris’s findings support what I have observed in practice for several years now: that when dealing with stress and anxiety, kava can be a corner-stone of any health and wellness protocol. Time and time again, I’ve seen how kava helps my patients overcome the cycle of acute and general anxiety; it can have a positive impact to their coping levels and their daily lives.

It’s interesting that kava was restricted in WA and NT in the first place due to its potency and concerns over its misuse in remote communities. In recent times, kava has been clinically studied and shown to be well tolerated at regulated dosages. It can be prescribed by a naturopath or herbalist or purchased over the counter in products such as RelaxMax™ Kava.

The removal of the ban on kava in WA and NT means that more people may be able to benefit from its therapeutic qualities. It’s a huge win in the national fight on stress and generalised anxiety disorders





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